• Image of Weather Pinot Noir 2012 Reserve (1 Bottle - 750ml)

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Weather Pinot Noir Reserve is the finest our winery has to offer. This refined and complex wine is aged to perfection and ready to enjoy immediately. It has rich, warm, round flavors of blackberry and currants with delicate notes of dark cherry, cola and dark chocolate. Tantalizing earthy flavors balance the bold fruit and the soft, toasty tannins - delivering a long and powerful, yet very smooth, finish.

This is a very limited production Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Only 200 cases produced.

Winemakers Jack O’Neill and Cary Pierce (acoustic duo Jackopierce) created Weather with the help of two deeply-rooted winemaking families

The name comes from a song title from their T Bone Burnett-produced debut album and depicts a man who brings much needed rain with him when he returns home from an arduous journey. This speaks to the necessity of the perfect weather conditions required to make this exquisite Pinot, and also parallels Jack and Cary's storied 25 year career on the road.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE from our Wine Partner Site.

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